Why Choose Dr Wyman Chan?

GDC No. 55134

The Global Authority On Tooth Whitening In London

World-famous celebrity dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan is widely acknowledged as the father of modern British teeth whitening.

He has a doctorate in the efficacy and safety of teeth whitening processes and was the first dentist to perform power tooth whitening in London. He sits on the editorial board of several major dental journals including Dentistry and Private Practice Dentistry and peer reviews for the British Dental Journal. He is also a founding member of the British Dental Bleaching Society, a highly respected training body for dental professionals.

The global authority on tooth whitening, Dr. Wyman Chan lectures at City of London Dental School and until recently, was the clinical associate teacher at Warwick Medical School. He is regularly invited to be a keynote speaker in countries including the USA, India, Germany and Hong Kong. Over the years, he has trained thousands of dental professionals to safely, painlessly and effectively deliver teeth whitening in London treatments.

World-Class Tooth Whitening in London Treatment

Dr. Wyman Chan achieves painless, world-beating results by combining a whitening gel containing a special, patented activator using cutting-edge thermal diffusion technology. He can transform a patient's smile by up to 14 shades. Dr. Wyman Chan's expertise in the field of teeth whitening in London is unparalleled, having treated over 10,000 cases. He has pioneered zero sensitivity teeth whitening products and techniques, holding seven patents in the UK and US.

His treatments are completely pain-free. At his clinic, each patient is totally pampered and made to feel like a member of Wyman's own family. During the treatment, patients can sit back and relax in a shiatsu massage chair and make themselves at home while they watch their favourite movie, wearing futuristic goggles. Indeed, many patients are so soothed by the experience that they fall asleep during the treatment.

Futuristic Technology

Dr. Wyman Chan uses state-of-the-art equipment including a Crystaleye Spectrophotometer, the only one in the UK, to assess patients' teeth. This equipment takes digital photographs of teeth, showing the distribution and intensity of the stains residing inside the structure of each tooth, as well as the colour of the dentine. This information not only enables Dr. Wyman Chan to correctly assess stains, but also the texture of patients' teeth in order to formulate an effective and pain-free treatment plan.

Pioneering Inventor

Most dentists use hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. This burns the gums and results in sensitivity and decay. Dr. Wyman Chan's research resulted in various patents for painless teeth whitening techniques and products. His inventions include a gel that contains an activator, which neutralises acid, rendering it alkaline and safe. The activator also enhances the stain removing power of the gel by three-fold. This gel has been adopted by thousands of dentists worldwide.

Dr. Wyman Chan is also the inventor of the very first heat-based whitening device available on the market, which drives the whitening gel inside the structure of the tooth, wiping out stain molecules on the way. It is far more effective than the widely used light-based whitening devices, which also damage patients' eyesight. It is heat not light that delivers that Hollywood smile for which Dr. Wyman Chan is famed.

Multi Award Winning

Over the years, Dr. Wyman Chan has collected numerous accolades for his outstanding achievements in the field of teeth whitening in London. For example, in 2008, he attended the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Canada, where he was awarded the Proctor and Gamble Investigator Award. In Great Britain, he is routinely listed in the top 50 most influential people in dentistry and recently received the prestigious Harper's Bazaar Hot 100 award for 2012's best teeth whitener.

Dentist To The Stars

Dr. Wyman Chan is behind many famous smiles, such is his renown. Whether you're watching the MTV Awards, the BRITS or the Grammy's, if you see a Hollywood smile beaming back at you via your TV screen, chances are Dr. Wyman Chan is behind it.